European Inventors: inflatable bike helmet

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Altough the European Inventor Award ceremony concluded last 17th of June, and while we wait the next inventor’s nomination for 2015 edition of the so called “Oscars of technology”, we are going to present for “Patents world” section one of the finalists under the “Small and medium enterprises” category.

The invention is actually really helpful for everyday life in the city, for example, where more and more we use a healthier and sustainable way of transportation: the bicycle. Two Swedish industrial designers, Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, invented the inflatable bike helmet: a protective headgear that is both functional and fashionable.

This revolutionary solution (named HÖvding) looks like a scarf or collar; it transforms itself into an helmet only if a crush is produced: the airbag inflates in a few seconds and covers the head.
But, how does it work?

In the front of the collar there are sensors measuring the acceleration, direction and movement of the rider; if the sensor detects an accident, the gas generator quickly fills the airbag with helium. The “brain” of the inflatable bike helmet consists in a very large amount of data from real accidents, crush tests and fall with stuntmen.

HÖvding is an invention with high competitive potential on the market and more important potential to protect people while practicing sports or even those people who suffer some kind of deasease (such as epilepsy).

If you are curious, you can consult the patent document of the inflatable bike helmet: WO2007050024A1

inflatable bike helmet

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