Patents in several countries

International Patent Registration by the PCT

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The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is the most widely used first step to file a patent in several countries, as it allows the applicant a provisional protection for 30 months in all designated countries that are party to the Treaty.

This is not a patent granting procedure, nor does it replace national grants; it is a unified processing system that reduces costs and extends certain deadlines. The procedure is as follows:

Within 30 months from the date of filing or priority claimed, the corresponding national and/or regional phases must be initiated in the countries designated in the application.

Thereafter, they will be processed in accordance with the corresponding national and/or regional laws.

The application includes obtaining an international search report and after the publication of the application there is the possibility of requesting an International Preliminary Examination, which allows the possibilities of granting a national and/or regional patent to be assessed.

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