Our professional efforts are aimed at achieving our objective:

“To provide protection based on the competitive advantage in the most efficient manner”

To achieve this, we are constantly learning and evolving. For us, each client is different and every solution is designed based on our knowledge on the particularities of each case and the experience acquired by our teams.

In Protectia human resources is the key to success. Therefore, we take special interest to ensure that the people working with us feel comfortable, motivated and integrated in a professional team of which they are an active part. Hence, we put all our effort into ensuring that those who join our firm grow with us and fully develop their abilities and skills. Through our personal experience we know that professional dissatisfaction is a serious business error.

our philosophy

We are different from more traditional agencies in terms of:

  • Personal service and professional advice which facilitates good decision making.
  • Our clear communication and quick response.
  • Our efficient means which save time, minimize costs and reduce environmental pollution.


These points allow us to offer the highest quality professional service at competitive prices and thus achieve full client satisfaction.