Protection for your invention

Registration of utility models

The patent system is designed to protect novel, tangible creations with sufficient inventive step.

Designed to protect inventions with a lower inventive step

On the other hand, utility model registration is designed to protect inventions with a lower inventive step, related to technical improvements on existing devices and objects.

If you have developed a new configuration or structure from which some practical advantage or utility is derived for an object, utility model registration is what you need.

At Protectia Patentes y Marcas we have the experience and the professionals you need to give you advice and manage the protection of your invention through a utility model registration.

For protection as a utility model an invention is considered to involve an inventive step if it does not result from the state of the art in a way that is obvious to a person skilled in the art.

Utility model registration is the preferred method for SMEs and small inventors: the title provides the right to exclusively exploit the invention for a maximum period of 10 years and also has a short processing time.

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