International Trademark Registration

The International Trademark is a registration system that covers more than 100 countries, protecting the ownership of your services.

Your trademark on international level

It is especially important in international trademark protection to have a competent advisor who is familiar with the specific needs of each company and adjusts them to the different existing international channels and agreements, in order to achieve a balance between maximum protection and lower costs. International trademark protection can be done through direct applications in each country or by using the international trademark procedure.


The processing

You can designate as many member countries as you wish, as long as the country of the base mark is a signatory to at least one treaty to which the designated country is a party. In other words, if the base is:

  • It is sufficient for the base mark to only be filed.
  • – Depending on the country designated in the international trademark application, the decision will be taken to provisionally accept or refuse the application within the applicable time limit (12 or 18 months) in accordance to the country’s legislation.
  • – The designation fee for these countries is different depending on whether the designated country is a member of the Agreement and Protocol or only a member of the Protocol:

Do you want to register your trademark on international level?