WIPO Green database: a sustainable technology marketplace

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Today for our “Patents world” section we are going to talk about green sustainable technologies and the importance of innovation in this field.

In order to do so, we would like to introduce a recent initiative taken by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) called WIPO GREEN: that is an interactive online marketplace that aims to “promote innovation and diffusion of green technologies by connecting technology and service providers with those seeking innovative solutions”.

The following short video, developed by the same organization, presents the initiative:

Wipo Green has been launched by the WIPO on 2013, with the objective to connect a wide variety of groups seeking to share innovation and environmental friendly technologies to address climate change, using the enormous power of the Internet to create a global market, as affirms the general director Mr. Francis Gurry.

Entrepreneurs and inventor may like the expertise and know how to ensure their innovations can reach as wide a market as possible, but despite the increased resources funding can be difficult to find. People on the ground can be actually not aware of the many new technologies entering onto the market, despite their needs.

Here enter the utility of WIPO Green database: it matches owners of new technologies with individuals or companies seeking to commercialize, license or distribute a green technology and the result is accelerate the innovation and diffusion of green technologies.

Wipo Green connects technologies and service provider all around the world.

Wipo Green databaseSince its launch back in 2013, the number of participant on the platform has rapidly growing. It gives access to innovators with potential partners and also funders to help scale an innovation globally.

From Protectia, we support this amazing initiative to bring a global and international relevance to technology for the renewable energy area.

According to WIPO and CambridgeIP research, in the period 2006 – 2011 there is a significant growth of patents filing in key Climate Change Mitigation Technology (CCMT) areas, that is: solar thermal, Solar PV, Wind Energy and Biofuels.

Without going deeper into the study, in conclusion we can affirm that these are notable data which reinforce the main role of WIPO green as a powerful tool for the diffusion and commercialization of innovative green technologies.

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