The QR code inventors

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Thanks to their immediacy and to the large penetration of smartphones, QR codes have become very popular and one of the best way to share information, besides they have become one of the best tools for promotion, advertising and sales.

Japanese Masahiro Hara andTakayuki Nagaya are the QR code inventors and winners of the Popular Prize at the last European Inventor Award 2014.

They talk about their revolutionary invention in the following video, developed by the EPO (European Patent Office):


What are QR codes?

QR codes are a new generation of bar code: faster, wich much more data.  They are square-shaped codes, two-dimensional bar codes, which once framed with the phone’s camera (using special app) allow you to quickly access web pages and information of any kind. You can find these ubiquitous black-and-white squares everywhere, from billboards to product packaging and more.

“Quick Response Code”, or QR code, were released in 1994 by  a division of Denso Corporation, led by Masahiro Hara. It allows the scanner to find and interpret the code’s information 20 times faster than previous matrix codes – and opens up countless new possibilities for meshing our physical and virtual lives.

This invention represnt a very important contribution to everyday life, since using a smartphone as a scanner, consumers can connect directly to websites and marketers are putting this ability to a lot of creative uses.

We make available for your ineterest tha patent document: EP0672994A1

QR code inventors


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