The importance of Patent Protection

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Continuing with our “Patents world” section, this week we propose a video developed by the EPO (European Patent Office) explaining its core business and why patent protection is so important for both inventors and society.

The video shows a few concrete cases of inventors:

  • Joshua Silver: inventor of the self-adjustable eyeglasses, for anyone who needs visual corrections. The eyeglasses are in use in over 20 countries of the developing world.
  • Ann Lambrechts: inventor of steel wire elements to improve concrete, invention that helps architect to do more complex structures, because the steel wire concrete technology can be shaped in whatever form. Faster, quicker, safer and environmental friendly.

At the EPO, 4 thousands specialist from all technical fields decide about the great amount of patent applications.
Examining patent application is not just a “yes” or “no”, but a complex process carried out by professionals.

We would like to remind that granted patents give legal certainty and provide the owner a strong exclusive right for up to 20 years.

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