Dr. Nakamats and his inventions

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Innovation does not have age. To prove that, this week we present into our “Patents world” section a documentary film about an extraordinary man, who is well known in Japan: Dr. Nakamats.

What is so special about this man? He is more than 80 years old and he is the world record holder of patents with more than 3300 patents, more than three times the number of Thoms Edison’s patents.

Among the thousands of his patents:

• Many of his early patents were licensed to IBM, and led to the creation of the first floppy disks for computer.
• He also has many patents related to the creation of the first digital watches and musical synthesizers.
• Between the more curious inventions: the flying shoes “PyonPyon”, which let you run faster and jump higher.

In recent years, Nakamatsu work focuses on the development of fuel cells.
Thanks to his diet, regular exercise and mental health, he expect not to die before he is 144 years old, with 7,000 patented inventions.


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