Journey into the patent history

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This week we propose you an interesting video developed once again by the EPO (European Patents Office) in the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the signature of the European Patent Convention (EPC), which helps us to travel by images through the rich history of patents of inventions.

Starting from the essence, the video reminds us the origin of the world “patent”, which comes from the Latin “patere”, which means “to make public”.

It goes rapidly through over 550 years of patent history, from the first law for the protection of Industrial Property launched in Venice in 1474, originated from the genius of Murano glassmakers, until the European Convention started in 1973.

The videos show different crucial moments throughout patent history in Europe:

  • Venice 1474: the first general Patent Law, encouraging knowledge transfer by protecting inventors.
  • For centuries inventors has been poorly protected internationally and easily copied, because of different legal systems and lack of international treaties.
  • 1883: the Paris Convention, the first step towards international patent protection.
  • 1947: establishment of an Intellectual Property organization called the International Patent Institute (or IIB). Its aim was to centralize patent searching and archiving, and the resources needed for the prior art searches for its member countries.
  • 1969: another attempt for a European common Patent System, by constructing Europe identity through technological progress.
  • 1973: European Convention (EPC), signed by 16 Nations, instituting the European Patent Organization and providing an autonomous legal system according to which European Patents are granted. Among other benefits, EPC greatly reduces fees and paperwork associated with filing in different European countries.

From Protectia Patentes y Marcas, we join the spirit of celebration of the anniversary of a great achievement, the EPC, the founding treaty of present EPO as a European and technical organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of innovation.

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