Espacenet: the world’s leading free patents database

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We would like to welcome into our blog a new video-section about tools, news, curiosity and anything relevant linked to patents, which we are going to call simply “Patents world”.

The first video we introduce present a really interesting tool: Espacenet. It is basically the world’s leading free patents database, developed by the EPO (European Patents Office), which is more than a database: it is a world full of inventors and inspiring innovation.

Espacenet allows accessing to more than 80 million patents documents worldwide, containing information about technical improvements (such as applications, granted patents, translations, utility models, etc.) from 1836 to nowadays. It offers the possibility to search for Spanish Patents, Patents from any other European country, Patents PTC and patents worldwide.

Let’s see the presentation of the video below to discover more about this useful instrument.

The patents database Espacenet is suitable for both expert and beginners users, and among other things allows to:

  • Read about patents of inventions on the original format
  • Translate a patent in any language
  • Download an unlimited number of documents and share them
  • Make an advanced search by category or classification which groups similar inventions

We find interesting the possibility to use such a powerful database, especially for those who are interested in the registration of a patent and would like, in the first place, investigate by their own the State of the Art before to consult with a professional agency of Industrial Property, such as Protectia Patents and Trademarks.

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