Hiroo Nakayama´s method of fixing very small objects

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The world of patent is full of bright inventions coming from every country all over the world. One of the most active countries with the highest number of patent application is, along with US, Japan. And is just in the land of the rising sun we put again our attention for the “Patents world” section.

We recently talked in this section about the most prolific Japanese inventor, Dr. Nakamats, with over 3000 patents.

Today, with a very interesting video developed by the WIPO, we present Hiroo Nakayama, whose invention represented a great revolution for the printing world.

A simple traditional Japanese recipe was the inspiration of the adhesive film which has to revolutionize the printing world.

The original use of this technology was for easily attaching watch faces. Traditionally, it was a very technical and time consuming process, so he decided to research for a new plating technology, and the solution was a removable plating letter.

  • In 1988 Mr Nakayama founded Tefco Aomori Co. Ltd.
  • In 1994, the company applied for 2 patents for electroforming techniques, used to fix characters to small object (ex: watch-dials).
  • In 1998 the company filed an international application under the PCT system. (Method of fixing very small objects)
  • Nowadays, with Mr Nakayama’s patented system it is possible to print logos of prestigious brands in millions of clocks dials, electronics devices and cars.

“I believe patents are there to protect companies”, asserts Mr. Nakayama.

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