Eco-friendly packaging solution from Sri-Lanka

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In our “Patents world” section we continue to talk and present great innovations and technical solutions from all over the world, in most of the cases inspired by natural elements.

The video we propose today, developed by the WIPO, is dedicated to Dr. Nandadasa Narayana, a world renowned Sri Lankan innovator and inventor.

He is the proud inventor of “PacGro”, an eco-friendly packaging solution made from coconut residue, replacing conventional plastic and polystyrene packaging. A great “solution for greening the world“, as the doctor called it.

As the video shows, from a natural material such as coconut residue, Dr. Nandadasa found an excellent packaging system, suitable for agricultural, horticultural or electronical products.

Selecting a number of residues from the coconut industry, the main ingredient of the invention is pure waste material, without chemicals such as coir fibre and coir pith. The main benefits of this invention:

  • There is no recycling needed
  • Reduced cost: in fact, the cost of raw material is about 14 times less than plastic.

From Protectia, we join and share the message of the Dr. Nandadasa: it is fundamental to invest in green technologies and protect them through an adecuate patenting system.

If you are curious, here you can find the publication of the PCT application: id00000000711226

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