Portrait of the European Patent Office

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After a few posts dedicated to various inventors from all over the world, this week we would like to talk about the European Patent Office, through a video developed by the same EPO offering a nice portrait of it.

As the video fairly reminds us, we live in a world of patents, bringing every day new ideas to make life easier. The main task of the European Patent Office is precisely to judge whether these ideas actually adapt technical inventions that:

  • Are new and unique
  • Have potential application in industry
  • Present inventive step: they are not obvious to someone with a good knowledge of the subject.

The mission of the EPO and its staff that bring people of over 30 nations is to stimulate innovation, competition and economic growth.

The EPO is financially and politically independent, and is the second largest European Organization, working closely to European national offices and with major offices around the world.

The strongest point of the EPO:

  • High quality standards and efficient services delivered under the European Patent Convention.
  • Highly skilled examiners, each one of them a specialist in their field, always up to date on the latest news in science and technology.
  • To carry out patent searching activities, EPO’s staff has access to the most powerful and accurate databases.
  • Accessibility: patents applicant can find their documents electronically, follow the online procedure.

From Protectia Patentes y Marcas, we would like to congratulate the outstanding quality work of the European Patent Office.

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