The inventor of AeroPress, the revolutionary coffee maker

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It is well known that Silicon Valley, Northen California in the US, is a leading hub for high-tech innovation and development in general, so it’s no surprise that the best inventions and inventors often comes from there, and not just the usual computer hardware or software.

Today for “Patents world” we would like to talk about one of those inventors, precisely Alan Adler: the inventor of Aeropress, revolutionary device for brewing coffee. To present him and his worldwide appreciate invention, we propose a report by John Blackstone, for channel CBS This Morning.

Alan Adler is a mechanical engineer and founder of a toy company called “Aerobie”, which now has his fastest-growing product in this little plastic device for make coffee.

We have to say, Adler is not new in the world of inventions; in fact, he started designing high performance toys in the 1980s: his flying disc “Aerobie Pro” by 1986 has sold 1 million units only in the US.

Now, the inventor got into the coffee business with the AeroPress, a plastic and inexpensive coffee maker which produce “pure coffee”, close to espresso in strength and which may be diluted with additional water, built just because “was looking for an easier way of making a single cup of coffee for himself”.

But how does the device works?

The AeroPress uses air to push water through the beans. It is a combination of coffee press or French press with a paper filter that uses air pressure to produce coffee with more oils and less sediment in a record time.

After a few prototypes and perfecting the design, the product was simple to operate and got into the market.

Even if at the beginning was not simple, from 2006 he literally hit the market: designed as a practical, portable, lightweight and easy to carry article without need of electricity, the Aeropress has become the most appreciated coffee maker all over the world.

Certainly, part of the success and economical return are due to the importance of industrial rights protection through a patenting system. In fact, the Aeropress inventor holds approximately 40 patents in the most various field: aerodynamics, electronics and optics.

If you are interested, we attach the patent publication document of the revolutionary coffe-maker AeroPress: “Coffee or tea filtering press“.


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