Cartoon about patents and Intellectual Property

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Intellectual property rights are almost everywhere to support the industry and innovation: trademarks, geographical indications and, of course, patents of invention.
In order to make the matter of patents lighter and enjoyable also by a younger public, this week we suggest an educational video cartoon about the importance of patents. The animation is a joint production of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and Indecopi (National Institute for the defense of competition and protection of Intellectual Property).

In a very easy and direct representation, the cartoon shows the importance of protecting innovation and answers the elementary question that most of the people which are not familiar may ask themselves: “What is a patent?”  “A patent is a type of certificate that the State grant to an inventor. The patent gives the inventor the exclusive right to exploit his invention, and the period depends on each country, generally is 20 years.”

Also remind us that:
• The 3 requirements for a patent are: novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability.
• If the invention is not completely new, but part of it present a change which provide a new use, advantage or new purpose to the object we are dealing with a utility model, which is also protected.
• Another means of protection is by an industrial design, which is given to the object.

We hope you found helpful and enjoyable the video, which is an animated adaptation to the graphic novel of Juan Acevedo: “Patents”.

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