Asean Tmview: trademark’s finder for Asian countries

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As a matter of logic, the best advice an IP professional can give before registering a trademark is to ensure that the trademark is viable.

This trademark viability study is very common in our daily work routine, in which we often use IT tools for the consultation and searching of registered and filed trademarks, both pay tools (only for professional use) and free tools, which can be used by everyone.

One of the most powerful and also free tools to realize this trademark search is the TMVIEW platform: cooperation project between OHIM, WIPO and national and regional trademark offices in the EU which allows making online trademark searching among all adhering offices.

After the huge success that this trademarks locator has reached (comprising more than 30 countries) now has come its Asian version: Asean TmView, officially announces last 26th of August in Singapur.

This is how the trademark locator looks like on its official website:

Asean Tmview

Asean TMview provides free online access to information and contains over 2.2 million records and applications of trademarks with effect in countries that adhere to the project: Brunei Darassalam, Indondesia, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand. It is expected for Myanmar and Vietnam to also join soon.

Asean Tmview may be used, among other things, to:

  • Check the availability of trademarks name in these regions
  • Discover which kind of trademarks are protected by competitors
  • Get direct and daily updated information about the official trademark registrations

Since the Asian regions are important actors on the overall economic level, we congratulate with pleasure the initiative to extend the trademarks locator service, convinced that t will be extremely useful for both professionals and private subjects looking for information about some trademarks.

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