In today’s global market, characterized by strong competition and dominance of the Internet world, it is very important to define and to properly protect the intellectual identity of a business through an action of trademark registration, in order to face possible abuses and falsifications.

Trademark registration in Puerto Rico: why choosing Protectia?

  • Protectia, as official IP law firm, counts with a great team of professionals highly qualified who will provide assistance and will advise you throughout all the process of trademark registration: from the moment of the application, defense and monitoring until granting.
  • Viability study of a trademark in Puerto Rico: before starting with any other action, the preliminary and important step is to ensure the uniqueness and effectiveness of the distinguishing sign proposed.  Thanks to sophisticated databases consultation, and the expertise of our professionals, in Protectia we offers for the trademark in question a careful viability study, we evaluate possible cases of priority and we can guarantee the chances of success of the trademark registration that our customers intend to realize.
  • Trademark classification: for the registration of a trademark, is necessary to specify which types of goods and services the trademark in question is referred to. For this distinction is used the International Nice Classification Trademark, in which all existing products and services are distinguished by a total of 45 classes. Since a correct classification is the key to good registration, in Protectia we also include this classification among the advice services free of charge.

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Trademark registration in Puerto Rico: the process

Like other states in the United States, Puerto Rico has an office known as Puerto Rico Trademark Office (PRTO) responsible for administering the procedures of trademark registration. It is worth noting that the trademarks issued in PRTO are only valid in Puerto Rico, so if you want to register a trademark and get national protection in all states of the USA (including Puerto Rico), is advisable to submit the application for trademark directly on the United States Patent and trademark Office’s (USPTO).

The process for trademark registration in Puerto Rico generally involves the following steps:

  • Filing of the application
  • Formal examination, which revise whether the application meets the requirements
  • Publication in the official Journal and term for third parties oppositions
  • Granting

trademark registration in puerto rico

The granting of a trademark in Puerto Rico is valid for a period of 10 years renewable for equal periods indefinitely.


Trademark registration in Puerto Rico: advices

Usually, starting any type of business bring the inclination to focus the importance on advertising and marketing actions, before even considering to register the trademark, with harmful consequences. Therefore, the first action to take is the trademark registration.

Our IP law firm Protectia will be your ideal partner for being highly specialized in trademark registration, through efficient advisory service.

Provided with a deep experience in the industry and also having legal representatives in all countries, Protectia is ideal to carry out in total safety service quality trademark in Puerto Rico.