With the characteristic globalization of the markets, and especially with the advent of the Internet, any trademark can be easily object of abuse and illegal copy.

Besides, the registration of its own distinctive sign ensures a real advantage on competitors and is a sign of quality and trust for consumers.

Why choosing Protectia for the trademark registration in Brazil?

  • Resources and expertise: in the official agency Protectia Patentes y Marcas we have the necessary tools and highly skilled specialists who will ensure legal advice and support throughout all the processing of trademark registration, as well as during its renewal and monitoring.
  • Trademark classification: a proper classification is one of the primary keys to a correct registration. Trademarks are protected for one or more activity or specific product. For this distinction is used the Nice international classification, in which are distinguished all goods and services existing in a total of 45 classes. In Protectia, among other advising services, is also contemplated this trademark classification.
  • Viability study of a trademark in Brazil: before starting with any other action, the preliminary and important step is to ensure the uniqueness and effectiveness of the distinguishing sign proposed. Thanks to sophisticated databases consultation, and the expertise of our professionals, in Protectia we offers for the trademark in question a careful viability study, we evaluate possible cases of priority and we can guarantee the chances of success of the trademark registration that our customers intend to realize, saving them from investments in distinctive signs that are unlikely to be granted.

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Trademark registration in Brazil: the process

In Brazil, the process for a trademark registration usually goes through four steps:

  • Filing of the application, also achievable online only for goods or services previously approved by the INPI.
  • Formal examination.
  • Publication of the application on the Industrial Property Journal (Revista da Propiedade Industrial, RPI) and term of within 60 days for third parties oppositions. In case of existing oppositions, the applicant will be notified through the INPI and shall have a term of 60 days to submit his defense.
  • Granting.

trademark registration in brazil

The registration of a trademark in Brazil gives the holder its exclusive use for 10 years starting from the date of registration, renewable for a period of the same duration. The request for extension must be made during the last reporting year, along with the proof of payment of the respective fee.


Advices about trademark registration in Brazil

Usually, on an international level, starting any type of business bring the inclination to focus the importance on advertising and marketing actions, before even considering what should actually be the first major action to comply: the trademark registration, which guarantee uniqueness, add value to the trademark and also guarantee quality to consumers and therefore inspire confidence.

In order to ensure a complete and quality service, in Protectia we also have legal representatives with exhaustively experience necessary for the trademark registration in Brazil.