How much does it costs to register a trademark in Bolivia?

Any business in development, as we already know, involves many expenses. One thing we are going to repeat over and over and should be considered as essential is: before investing money in any advertising/marketing campaign, the first basic step is to evaluate and register the trademark representing our business.

Due to the great interest about Latin America’s economies and the numerous inquiries we receive, we are going to issue of practicality: how much it costs to register a trademark in Bolivia.

Because of the economic crisis, we are facing a big European capitals escape, especially from Spain, towards LATAM regions which are addressing the current financial uncertainty by increasing their internal and regional markets.

Recently, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has placed Bolivia as the leader growing country in South America: a fact that makes it an attractive investment focus.

The first step that a company wishing to export to this region should consider is to evaluate the viability of protecting its trademark in Bolivia.

Here comes into play the key role of an official Patent and Trademark agency for a proper trademark registration in Bolivia. There are several reasons, among which:

  • The knowledge of how to locate and evaluate the existence of prior rights might be vital for the success of the trademark registration in the region of interest.