A prolific inventor from Japan: Katsushige Nakamura

Japan, as is well known, is one of the most highly capable countries of innovation, especially in the R&D field.
Today for “Patents world” we include a video developed by the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) about a prolific inventor who come right from Japan: Katsushige Nakamura, president of Mitaka Kohk, a small company with just 50 employees specialized in high-precision measurement tools.

Katsushige Nakamura, inventor, Japan from WIPO on Vimeo. (more…)

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The “Etch a Sketch” inventor: André Cassagnes

Today for “Patents world” we talk about André Cassagnes, the man who invented legendary toy: the “Etch a sketch”, herald of the modern tablets. We present a video through which The Ohio Art Company and the Toy & Game Inventors Conference (TAGIE) honor him and his timeless invention.

André Cassagnes was born in 1926 outside Paris. As a young man, started to work in a factory as electrical technician, and in the late 1950s, while installing a light-switch plate, he peeled the translucent protective label off the new plate, and happened to make some inscriptions on it in pencil. He noticed that the marks became visible on the reverse side of the decal. This is the origin of the idea of inventing a drawing toy.  (more…)

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Eco-friendly packaging solution from Sri-Lanka

In our “Patents world” section we continue to talk and present great innovations and technical solutions from all over the world, in most of the cases inspired by natural elements.

The video we propose today, developed by the WIPO, is dedicated to Dr. Nandadasa Narayana, a world renowned Sri Lankan innovator and inventor.

He is the proud inventor of “PacGro”, an eco-friendly packaging solution made from coconut residue, replacing conventional plastic and polystyrene packaging. A great “solution for greening the world“, as the doctor called it. (more…)

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Hiroo Nakayama´s method of fixing very small objects

The world of patent is full of bright inventions coming from every country all over the world. One of the most active countries with the highest number of patent application is, along with US, Japan. And is just in the land of the rising sun we put again our attention for the “Patents world” section.

We recently talked in this section about the most prolific Japanese inventor, Dr. Nakamats, with over 3000 patents.

Today, with a very interesting video developed by the WIPO, we present Hiroo Nakayama, whose invention represented a great revolution for the printing world.


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