The QR code inventors

Thanks to their immediacy and to the large penetration of smartphones, QR codes have become very popular and one of the best way to share information, besides they have become one of the best tools for promotion, advertising and sales.

Japanese Masahiro Hara andTakayuki Nagaya are the QR code inventors and winners of the Popular Prize at the last European Inventor Award 2014.

They talk about their revolutionary invention in the following video, developed by the EPO (European Patent Office):



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The inventor of AeroPress, the revolutionary coffee maker

It is well known that Silicon Valley, Northen California in the US, is a leading hub for high-tech innovation and development in general, so it’s no surprise that the best inventions and inventors often comes from there, and not just the usual computer hardware or software.

Today for “Patents world” we would like to talk about one of those inventors, precisely Alan Adler: the inventor of Aeropress, revolutionary device for brewing coffee. To present him and his worldwide appreciate invention, we propose a report by John Blackstone, for channel CBS This Morning.

Alan Adler is a mechanical engineer and founder of a toy company called “Aerobie”, which now has his fastest-growing product in this little plastic device for make coffee. (more…)

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The inventor of “breathable” shoes: Mario Moretti Polegato

For our “Patents world” section, the story of how a winemaker became a successful entrepreneur, inventing “breathable” shoes and bringing his brand on the top by protecting through patents his technical solution. Is the story of Mario Moretti Polegato, founder and chairman of GEOX : Italy’s largest shoe making company and one of the world’s largest casual footwear brands.

In the following video, developed by the WIPO, the Geox funder explains his invention and how patents and innovation improved his company profile.


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Patents and success: Geox

In this video from EPO films Mario Moretti Polegato, Geox founder, explains how he turned one of the largest shoe manufacturers in the world, and how patents and innovation improved his company profile. 

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