Patent registration in LATAM: all the procedures in each country

One of the driving forces of economic growth is certainly innovation, or in other words, the creation of new technologies which increase productivity.

After offering a summary scheme about trademark registration in Latin America, today we will devote our attention on all necessary procedures for the registration of patents in LATAM. 

We continue to focus on this region since it is one of the favorite investment target markets for many Spanish internationalization business projects, thanks to cultural and language proximity.

In fact, according to the Global Innovation Index 2013 (index published annually by WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization), despite the economic crisis, innovation in Latin America remains active and in relatively good condition.

general procedure for patent registration in Latam

General procedure of registration of a patent in Latin America

Hoping to be useful information, you can find below a scheme collecting all the procedure for patent registration in LATAM, in each country: from the moment of filing the application until granting of title. 


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