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Extension of European Patents to Hong Kong

Patent registration in Honk Kong can be done from a European Patent application. From a commercial point of view this is an interesting option so we are going to briefly describe the procedure for the patent registration in Honk Kong based on a patent application filed with the European Patent Office.

Extensión patente honk-kong

Extension of european patents to hong kong: administrative procedure.

This registration procedure can differentiate two stages:

1. Application stage. The application may be filed within 6 months from the date of publication of:

  • A European Patent application.
  • An international application (PCT) designating the European Patent Office.

An international search conducted after these applications shall be transferred to Hong Kong office and will serve as a basis for processing the registration in this territory.

2. Granting stage. This second step consists in the registration and formalization within 6 months of the granting of the corresponding European Patent, which gives rise to a patent granting in Honk Kong.

Validations of european patents

Validations of european patents. Agreement for Granting European Patents of 5 October 1973 states that, once the European Patent Office (EPO) publish the Mention of Grant of a European Patent, the same has to be validated in those countries (members of the European Patent Convention), which are of the interest of the owner.

The period that a holder of a European Patent has for validating its invention is, in most of the countries, three months from the publication of the Mention of Grant.

Validations of european patents

Therefore, the latest step in the European Patent procedure, it will always be the transfer of the patent to each one of the chosen countries, where it will be considered as a patent granted in its own Official Patent Office. (more…)

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