3d Printing: medical revolution

As we often do in our blog, we talk today about 3D printing, convinced that it is a real huge technological advance who made possible things we could not even imagine until a few years ago.

The globalization of this technology will help in rapid generation of prototyping tools, which will necessarily reduce costs and time in the research process. In the meanwhile, 3d printing has already various industrial and commercial uses: from architecture, aerospace, automotive safety and medical technology.

Between all the revolutionary creations that a printable world has made possible, the impact 3d printing has in medical technology it is simply amazing.
In the following video, we are going to see some of the greatest use of 3d printing applied to medical use: the printing of body parts such as robot hands.

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European Inventor Award 2014: the father of 3D printing among the finalists

Every year it takes place one of the most important events regarding innovation and technology: the European Inventor Award (also known as the Oscar of Technology), which brings together some of the world’s brightest innovators along with their inventions.

This year is the ninth ceremony, and it will take place next 17 of June in Berlin. Considering the upcoming date, we have decided to present for our “Patents world” section a video developed by the EPO about one of the great finalists: Charles W. Hull, from USA, the father of 3D printing and creator of the company 3D Systems, Inc.


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Daniela Rus and the future of 3D robots

Today for “Patents world” we enter into the fascinating world of robotic presenting Daniel Rus: professor in electrical engineering and computer science at the Massachussetts Institute of technology (MIT), CSIL’s (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratoty) director and robotics expert.

Professor Rus does robotic research, and her projects include self-assembling robots and robots that can be printed in less than an hour with little more than construction paper and off-the-shelf electronics.

“My goal is to make robots more capable, more autonomous. In other words: to bring machines to everyday life in such a way that our lives would be improved and enhanced by these machines” she affirms. (more…)

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The innovation of 3D Printing

Following the lead of the last article published on our blog, 3D Impressions and Patents, we present this week into our “Patents world” section a video showing more about this amazing technology.

The video explores the process of innovation of 3D printing, and it is developed by NBC Learn in collaboration with the National Science Foundation and the U.S Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

As the video explains, 3D printing is an innovative manufacturing technique which was created by professors Michael Cima and Emanuel Sachs, with the goal of giving people a more efficient way of creating prototypes or potential versions of a product.


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