In Protectia we have an exhaustive experience and a great team of high skilled professionals specialized in every aspect of the matter who assess the specific needs of every single case and adjust it to the different ways and international agreements, in order to guarantee our clients quality assessment and efficient management throughout all the process of registration and defence of the patent.

Patent registration in Puerto Rico: the process

As in any other jurisdiction of United States, patent law applies also to Puerto Rico, reason why it is advisable to apply for patent registration directly to the US Patent and trademark Office (USPTO).

It is noteworthy that Puerto Rico, such as any other US states, have their own patent office, being strictly a function of the federal government of United States.

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patent registration in puerto rico

Why choosing Protectia for the registration of a patent in Puerto Rico?

  • Resources and experience: Protectia will be your key partner for being highly specialized in the sector. We also have powerful informatics resources along with the expertise of our professional, essential to advise, develop and manage the protection of inventions in the Unites States (including Puerto Rico).
  • Personal treatment: in Protectia we support our clients in a completely personalized way throughout all the process of patent registration, from the application, defence, monitoring to the granting.
  • Legal advice and patentability study: In Protectia, as a prior step and part of our advice service, we always recommend our clients to perform a preliminary study of patentability, essential step to perform in order to detect the existence of prior rights and to be sure that the invention meets all the requirements to be patented.