Asean Tmview: trademark’s finder for Asian countries

As a matter of logic, the best advice an IP professional can give before registering a trademark is to ensure that the trademark is viable.

This trademark viability study is very common in our daily work routine, in which we often use IT tools for the consultation and searching of registered and filed trademarks, both pay tools (only for professional use) and free tools, which can be used by everyone.

One of the most powerful and also free tools to realize this trademark search is the TMVIEW platform: cooperation project between OHIM, WIPO and national and regional trademark offices in the EU which allows making online trademark searching among all adhering offices.

After the huge success that this trademarks locator has reached (comprising more than 30 countries) now has come its Asian version: Asean TmView, officially announces last 26th of August in Singapur.

This is how the trademark locator looks like on its official website:

Asean Tmview (more…)

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Trademark registration of Ice Bucket Challenge

Last week the protagonist on social media has been, no doubt, the campaign called “Ice bucket challenge”: the viral iced shower campaign created for charity with the intention to raise fund for research and fight against the degenerative neurological disease ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).

The Ice Bucket Challenge is an idea of Pete Frates, promise of baseball and ALS sufferer; the American Association (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association) developed the idea and turn it into a viral social campaign which has raised in the US over $60 million from the donation of people who has poured a bucket of iced water over their heads.

Now it seems that part of this money will possibly be used by the association for the trademark registration of “Ice bucket challenge” phrase.

According to the USPTO database, the ALS association applied last August to register both “Ice Bucket Challenge” 86375292 and “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” 86375305 as trademarks; in the application, it is specified that the use of such trademark will be for charitable fundraising. (more…)

The winners of European Inventor Award 2014

The winners of European Inventor Awards 2014 were presented yesterday, 17th of June, among great expectations and general excitement for the big event, also called the “Oscar of technology”.

EPO`s Twitter profile has been flooded with messages, pictures and fragments of the award ceremony. “Whatever some critics may say, Europe is still a powerhouse of innovation”, and also “The European IP system is a positive example of what Europe is able to achieve when it pools its resources” said EPO’s president Benoit Battistelli.

From Protectia we agree considering the European Inventor Award a great challenge for innovation and an occasion to celebrate the genius of inventors which with their solution tries to make human quality life better.
The 15 inventors (or teams of inventors) have been selected by an international and independent jury, consisting of authorities in the most various fields (such as research, media, science). The following video presents the jury:

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Record of European Patent applications in 2013

Last Wednesday, the European Patent Office (EPO) has published annual statistical results, concerning the year 2013, on the status of European patent applications.

European patent applicationThe results are encouraging for the future of the “old continent”: in fact, patent applications filed before the EPO grew 2, 8% over the previous year.