Protectia has the experience and professional staff to provide advice, prepare and manage the protection of inventions by means of utility models both in Spain and at an international level.

According to Spanish Patent Law, inventions that are new and involve an inventive step, and that confer on an object a form, structure or constitution that results in an appreciable improvement in its use or manufacture, may be protected in Spain as utility models.

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In particular, utensils, instruments, tools, apparatus, devices or parts thereof that meet the conditions set forth above may be protected as utility models.

The state of the art according to which the novelty and inventive step in respect of inventions protected as utility models is to be judged shall consist of that which, prior to the date of filing the application for protection as a utility model, has been disclosed in Spain by a written or oral description or by any other means.For protection as a utility model, an invention shall be deemed to involve an inventive step if it does not obviously result from the state of the art for a person skilled in the art.

The term of protection of a utility model is 10 years from the date of application.

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