We are passionate about our job and we love getting to know your business. This way we are able to create a close relationship that allows us to offer customized advice and obtain the best protection for your assets. Your complete satisfaction is our main priority.
A new era means new ways of communications. We know through our experience that a clear, efficient and easily understandable way of communication is always the basis of a good decision making process.
We offer all the necessary services for the complete protection of your rights. We help you to promote your business locally and globally.
We understand that we must grow along with our clients, therefore to assure the continued high quality service we welcome feedback from the clients themselves which guides us to the improvements that satisfy their new needs.
Our needs are changing constantly in a global environment. In order to evolve, we are constantly alert and look for innovative ways to plan your protection strategies..
We use the most prestigious computer systems for the specific and specialized management, consulting and monitoring of industrial property and new technologies. These elements associated with our robust and efficient management system minimize time and costs. Their combined use with current communication means allows us to provide a quick response and reduce environmental pollution..
Our estimates are clear with no hidden charges that are added to the final invoice (we do not charge any fees for communications, photocopies, e-mails, faxes or conference calls). We simply respect what is agreed upon.
Personal and in person advice at the client’s office allows us to achieve synergy with different departments and professionals involved in the project. We are capable of performing audits and creating short-, mid- and long-term strategies, whereby resource saving and management rationalization are achieved. Our advisor coordinates and regulates the entire service. He/she can plan the convenient steps at all times because he/she knows the objective of each project in detail..
In Protectia we know the importance of industrial and Intellectual Property assets for companies, to that end, we specialize in evaluating the assets that the company has and in issuing detailed reports of the situation of each file together with a professional opinion regarding same. Protectia’s assessment of the range of protection in collaboration with the client allows us to detect gaps or duplicities and to provide advice in decision making to optimize these important assets. Therefore we can rationalize our clients’ investments and generate a culture of value for the patents and trademarks in the company which is the basis in the establishment of satisfactory sales strategies. The need for self-defense in industrial and Intellectual Property rights imposed by the current Law forces the owners to enforce their property rights with respect to identical or similar trademarks or patents. This makes having the assistance of a professional with extreme diligence to uphold the rights of his/her clients ESSENTIAL.