We evaluate the specific characteristics of each trademark proposal which may prevent its registration, from the inclusion in absolute prohibitions of the law or an insufficient degree of distinctiveness.

This study also allows finding out whether there are national, community and international trademarks which are identical to the mark to be filed and whether there are similar trademarks on the market. Protectia performs this search prior to the registration of any trademark as part of its advisory service prior to any processing step.

¿Would you like to know if your trademark is viable?VIABILITY STUDY

By performing this preliminary search, we will discover the chances of success of each registration by knowing its particularities and thus helping our clients in terms of cost savings when applying for a trademark which would hardly be granted. We also perform viable and therefore profitable name searches.

You can also search in our search engine: TRADEMARK WORLDWIDE REGISTRATION

Protectia registers, monitors and defends trademarks worldwide. Here we show an overview of the processing in each of the countries of the world. Search for the country of your interest and if you can not find it, contact us and we will provide you all the information.

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