In the contemporary global market, characterized by strong competition and a constant presence on the internet world, it is of primary importance to define and especially effectively protect the corporate image and intellectual identity of a business through an action of trademark registration, in order to face possible abuses and falsifications.

Trademark registration in Uruguay: why choosing Protectia?

  • Resources and experience: in Protectia we guarantee, thanks to our team of highly skilled professionals, support and personalized legal advice service throughout all the process of trademark registration. 
  • Viability study of a trademark in Uruguay: before starting the whole process of trademark registration in Uruguay is highly recommended  to perform a careful viability study, in order to avoid denials due to the existence of prior rights.  For this reason, thanks to sophisticated databases consultation and the expertise of our professionals, in Protectia we offers for the trademark in question a careful viability study in order to guarantee the uniqueness of the distinctive sign our client intends to register. If any case of priority is detected, we also offer advisory service to detect other possible and more attractive names, and then more profitable.
  • Trademark classification: a correct classification of the trademark is one of the essential keys for a proper registration of it. Trademark are protected for one or more product or service. In order to distinguish them is adopted the international Nice Classification; in Protectia we also include the trademark classification among other advice services. 

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Trademark registration in Uruguay: the process

The process for a trademark in Uruguay usually goes through the following steps:

  • Filing of the application
  • Formal examination
  • Publication on the Official Journal. It opens a period for third parties oppositions
  • Substantive examination. It is verified that the trademark does not incur in legal prohibitions or is identical or similar to other earlier trademarks  
  • Granting

trademark registration in uruguay

The average duration for a trademark process in Uruguay, including its granting from the moment of filing the application to the publication, is 27 months in case oppositions are not filed, whereas it goes to 33 months in case of existing oppositions and third parties appeals.

The registration of a trademark in Uruguay gives the holder its exclusive use for 10 years starting from the date of registration, renewable for a period of the same duration.


Trademark registration in Urugay: advices

Usually starting any type of business bring the inclination to focus the importance on advertising and marketing actions, before even considering what should actually be the first major action to comply: the trademark registration, which guarantee uniqueness, add value to the trademark and also guarantee quality to consumers and therefore inspire confidence.

It is also interesting to point out that for not resident in Uruguay is necessary to have a legal representative in order to file an application, and even for resident is highly recommended. For this representation a simple authorization is needed.

A solid and structured agency such as Protectia, which has an exhaustively experience in the field and also has correspondents in all country, is ideal to manage and carry out in total comfort and safety a proper trademark registration service.