With the characteristic globalization of the markets, and especially with the advent of the Internet, any trademark can be easily a target for abuse and illegal copy.
For this reasons, there is a strong need to protect the distinctive sign of a company through a solid action of trademark registration, both for the corporate image and the goods and services offered.

Why choosing Protectia for the trademark registration in El Salvador?

The official agency of Industrial Property Protectia by offering the trademark registration service is distinguished for several reasons:

  • First of all, resources and expertise: we have a great team of professionals internationally qualified, which will provide you support and advice service throughout all the process of registration: from the application and defence to the granting.
  • Viability study of a trademark in El Salvador: we offer our clients a careful viability study of the trademark in El Salvador: before starting the registration process, thanks to sophisticated databases consultation, a thorough investigation is carried out to detect possible cases of priority or any record regarding similar or existing trademarks, also helping in the research of more profitable denominations.
  • Trademark classification: a correct classification is the key to a proper registration. Trademarks are protected for one or more goods and services. For their distinction is used the Nice international classification, in which are distinguished all existing goods and services in 45 classes. In Protectia, among other complimentary advice services, we also include the trademark classification.

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Trademark registration in El Salvador: the process

The administrative authority responsible of Industrial Property in El Salvador which has, among others functions, the trademark registration is the National Registration Center (NRC).

The process for a trademark in El Salvador usually goes through four main steps:

  • Filing of the application.
  • Formal examination.
  • Publication and term for third parties opposition.
  • Granting.


trademark registration in el salvador

The average duration for a trademark process in El Salvador, including its granting from the moment of filing the application to the publication, is 6 to 7 months in case oppositions are not filed, whereas it goes from 12 to 15 months in case of existing oppositions and from 18 to 24 months in case of third parties appeals and oppositions.

Trademark registration in El Salvador: advices

For no-resident in El Salvador is necessary having a legal representative in order to file the application of a trademark, and also for residents it is highly recommended. Protectia has legal representative of full capacities to register a trademark in El Salvador, and to defend the interests of their clients before any action.

It is worth noting that usually, on an international level, starting any type of business bring the inclination to focus the importance on advertising and marketing actions, before even considering what should actually be the first major action to comply: the trademark registration, through which ensure the uniqueness and the value of the trademark.