Nowadays the market is characterized by globalization and strong competition. In such circumstances and especially with the advent of the Internet, any trademark can be easily object of abuse and illegal copy.

In order to protect the intellectual property and the corporate image of a company is essential to guarantee total safety to the distinctive sign through a proper trademark registration.

Why choosing Protectia for the Trademark registration in Guatemala?

A registered trademark gives the owner the exclusive right to use this distinctive sign. In Protectia we are specialists in this kind of service, and our agency is distinguished by several factors:

  • In Protectia, official agency of Industrial Property, we have a great team of professionals internationally qualified, which will provide you support and advice service throughout all the process of registration: from the application and defence to the granting.
  • Trademark classification: registering a trademark implies to specify for which types of goods and services is intended to use the trademark. In order to do so, the international Nice Classification is used, in which all existing products and services are distinguished by a total of 45 classes. A proper trademark classification is the key for a proper registration of the trademark, and in Protectia, among other services, is also contemplated this classification free of charges.
  • Viability study of a trademark in Guatemala: before starting the whole process of registration of a trademark in Guatemala, is more than advisable to make an assessment of the chances of success of the registration. Thanks to sophisticated databases consultation, and the expertise of our professionals, Protectia offers an accurate viability study of the trademark, evaluate possible cases of priority or any record regarding similar or existing trademarks and we can guarantee chances of success with the registration of the trademark our client intend to use, saving our clients from investments in trademarks which are unlikely to be granted.

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Trademark registration in Guatemala: the process

The process for a trademark in Guatemala usually goes through the following steps:

  • Filing of the application
  • Formal examination
  • Publication and 2 months term for third parties oppositions 
  • Granting

trademark registration in guatemala

The granting is valid for a period of 10 years counting from the date of foiling of the application, renewable for equal periods indefinitely.

The average duration of a trademark process in Guatemala, from the application until granting, generally is from 6 to 8 months in case oppositions are not filed, whereas it goes from 2 up to 3 years in case of existing oppositions and third parties appeals.


Advices about trademark registration in Guatemala

Usually, starting any type of business bring the inclination to focus the importance on advertising and marketing actions before to register the trademark, which could bring negative consequences.

Therefore, the first action should be the trademark registration.

On the other hand, it is good to know that for no-resident in Guatemala is necessary having a legal representative in order to file the application of a trademark, and also for residents it is highly recommended. Protectia has legal representative of full capacities to register a trademark in Guatemala, and to defend the interests of their clients before any action.