Registered Trademarks watching service

“Just being properly informed of new trademark applications previous rights may be exercised against potentially harmful new applications”.

Trademarks watching service. We have mentioned before in this space the reasons for registering a trademark, but once we have our own trademark it is important to keep monitoring the new applications to guarantee its effectiveness against potential infringers, whether random or malicious unfair.

Vigilancia de Marcas

This watching service is offered by professionals specialized on Industrial Property, usually through patents and trademarks offices that allow to be promptly informed about new applications that might conflict.

These conflicts of interests are of special importance in case of denominatives, phonetics and/or visual identities where there is a very high risk of confusion or association by the consumer. In these cases it is vital to be properly informed and that in most countries, Spain included, before the absence of oppositions, the administration grant all trademarks which have passed the substantive, formal and legal examination.