International trademark renewal. The most frequently asked questions.

One of the matters that frequently generate confusion about the renewal of trademarks is the registration of international trademarks and their corresponding renewal. A trademark filed at WIPO has a term of 10 years, renewable for equal periods.

For this reason we will try to clarify the most frequently asked questions about it.

Regarding the deadline for the renewal:

  • It can be done from 6 months before the due date, corresponding to the application and shall take effect from the day after the date of registration expires.
  • WIPO also provides an extra period of up to six months for renewal of a trademark, but with a surcharge on the official rate amounting to 50%, reason why  this is not a recommended option. 

Besides, there are many questions regarding the renewal itself. 5 main aspects to clarify them all: (more…)

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Asean Tmview: trademark’s finder for Asian countries

As a matter of logic, the best advice an IP professional can give before registering a trademark is to ensure that the trademark is viable.

This trademark viability study is very common in our daily work routine, in which we often use IT tools for the consultation and searching of registered and filed trademarks, both pay tools (only for professional use) and free tools, which can be used by everyone.

One of the most powerful and also free tools to realize this trademark search is the TMVIEW platform: cooperation project between OHIM, WIPO and national and regional trademark offices in the EU which allows making online trademark searching among all adhering offices.

After the huge success that this trademarks locator has reached (comprising more than 30 countries) now has come its Asian version: Asean TmView, officially announces last 26th of August in Singapur.

This is how the trademark locator looks like on its official website:

Asean Tmview (more…)

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Central Italy and the registered trademark Varnelli

An historical registered trademark from Central Italy: Varnelli

During the last Holidays I went back on my land, in the green heart of Central Italy and more precisely in the region called Marche.
It might not be the most valued or famous region of the 21 composing the country, but it certainly is one of the most privileged natural environment, which sums up some unique peculiarities.
A wonderful landscape between mountains with natural parks and the sea, beautiful villages that are characteristics for its medieval origins, basically an outside museum: lots of history and fascinating legends.n magnifico paisaje entre montañas con parques naturales y el mar, hermosos pueblos de origen medieval, prácticamente un museo al aire libre: mucha historia y leyendas fascinantes.

Besides, it is also a land of creativity: as reported by the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM, in Italian) in the region from January to August 2013 have been granted 247 patents and registered 984 trademark.

View from histroric center of Recanati (Macerata)

Completely absorbed from the culinary varieties (especially during Holidays time), I have come to appreciate the many products whose logos are historical registered trademarks of the region.
Among other things, there are several spirits and liqueurs made by small and meritorious producers, and one of the most famous is “Varnelli”.

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INAPI: Industrial Property in Chile

Protectia Patent and Trademark has recently opened its own office in Santiago de Chile. Leveraging our local presence, we show below a promotional video of the organization to which we act as representatives of our clients in this country, the National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI in Spanish), responsible for the process and registration of industrial property rights in Chile.

The video shows the importance and responsibilities of INAPI, and how along with agencies of industrial property, such as Protectia, they are the perfect partners to make profitable the innovative effort and use innovative industrial property rights for the benefit of society, promoting economic growth and the general prosperity of a country.