How much does it cost to register a Trademark in Spain?

The registration of a Trademark in Spain, either to protect the image of a company or to differentiate its products or services, is characterized by affordable costs that mean a ten-year investment, renewable for equal periods.Banner marca inglés

A trademark is any sign which can be capable of graphic representation, used in the commerce to identify and distinguish the goods and services of a company from the others.

The main costs to register a Trademark

The official minimum rate for the registration of a Trademark in Spain is 118€ if it´s done electronically, and 139€ if is applied on paper. In Protectia we use the telematics way, not only for its lower cost affecting our rates, but also because this way is fully integrated in our management system, aimed to work in an ecologically responsible way with no use of papers.

Our clients also appreciate that all the documentation is handled by email for its lower cost, for being the information easier to manage and more accessible, respectful to the environment and which does not take up any space. Besides, paper is not wasted and no fuel is burned during its transportation.

To the official fees amount must be added the professional fees of the legal representative who advises, performs and monitors the management, which can range between 200€ and 900€. The final costs involve several factors, such as: