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Trademark registration in the European Union. Community Trademark

 The registration of Community Trademark (European Trademark) are becoming a more common process due to its great benefits and low cost, reasons why the number of applications of this kind of protection since its creation follows an upward trend and is constantly growing.

Its application covers the current 28 member States of the European Union (as well as to any subsequent annexations):

Austria Germany Malta
Belgium Greece Poland
Bulgaria Holland Portugal
Cyprus Hungary Romania
Croatia Czeck Republic Ireland Slovakia
Denmark Italy Slovenia
Estonia Latvia Sweden
Finland Lithuania Spain
France Luxembourg United Kingdom

The process for the registration of a trademark in the European Union, if there is not office actions or oppositions, goes from 8 to 10 months. The trademark is valid for 10 years from the date of application and renewable for equal periods indefinitely.

Besides, it is possible to have 6 months of international priority to extend the protection of the Community Trademark application to other countries maintaining the original application date.

Essential features of Community trademark:

  • Possibility of claiming seniority (besides priority) of previous record registered trademarks in any country of the European Union.
  • In its system of oppositions: the one who loses, pays. (more…)
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The “Candy” case: can we actually trademark everything?

Following the echo of a recent controversy, I would like to take the opportunity to reflect about whether or not everything can be registered as a trademark.

The controversy I mentioned is the one who sees as protagonist the company King, owner of the phenomena gameCandy Crash Saga.

The company filed an application to register the word “Candy” as a trademark to the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) for a wide range of goods and services (in relation to gaming, educational services and clothing).

The application was filed in 2013, and the past 15 of January the USPTO has approved the application to be published, which opens a 30-days period for objections.
More than one thought the decision of USPTO seems to be questionable and more than one could think that the company has taken too far the protection of its trademark.

Trademark application

Without going deeper in the legal question, let’s just say that a dispute was to be expected on a word that is not only so common and generic, but also just “descriptive” used in that context. (more…)

Protectia: patent and Trademark agency among the greatest representatives of Argentina CTM

In its first 22 months of life as an Intellectual and Industrial Property Law Firm, Protectia patent and Trademark agency appears in the ranking of the top 25 representatives of clients from Argentina before the European Trademark Office (OHIM).

Access to the complete statistics of the Office.

The appearance on these lists places us alongside with the most prestigious and senior offices, which makes us pride for having achieved such a result in record time. It shows that our professional team, especially Rodrigo Sammut (born in Buenos Aires), together with our efficient management system, personal attention and guidance to the achievement of objectives, meets the current needs and new expectations of our Argentinian correspondents and friends.

Thank you very much for your trust, we continue working hard every day to improve our services.