Difference between trade name, corporate name and registered trademark

In our day to day as industrial property attorneys, what is the difference between trade name, corporate name and registered trademark is a question that arises frequently.

Considering each term independently we find that a trade name is a title that grants the exclusive right of using any sign or designation as a company identifier in commercial dealings. Trade names are industrial property titles.

Trade names are independent from the names of companies which are registered in the mercantile registry as a corporate name.

The corporate name is therefore the name and signature by whom a commercial company is known collectively, limited or anonymously. It is the legal attribute contained in the deed or constitution document that allows a corporation to identify and demonstrate their legal constitution and to invoice, pay taxes, etc.

However, a registered trademark is any sign capable of being represented graphically which distinguishes in the market goods and / or services from the others exclusively. The owner of this industrial property right which grant exclusive use may be a natural or legal person whose name does not have to match the name appearing on the trademark register.


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Registration of transliterated trademark in Israel

The registration of a trademark in Israel on Latin letters does not entirely protect its Jewish version. 

In case of a subsequent trademark application, transcribed in Hebrew characters, which is phonetically identical to a previous trademark in its Latin version, they could coexist. Therefore, it is advisable to register the transliteration of Hebrew trademarks, in order to avoid this kind of situations. To handle the registration of transliterated trademark in Israel, it is highly recommended to have an expert trademark agent informing us and carefully managing the registration.


We have a practical example with this famous brand: