Patent Prosecution Highway towards patents granting

The agreement known by the name of Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) allows a patent applicant to request the accelerated process in another office participating in the PPH project.

By Ana Bueno, Protectia patent technician and expert in chemical, pharmaceuticals and biotechnological materials, and Alvaro González, attorney-at-law and Official Patent and Trademark Attorney.

In Protectia, due to our extensive experience and level of expertise in the field of patents, we know well the long road that involves the processing of a registration: starting with its deposit in the Industrial Property Office of origin, until the granting of those titles which will allow the commercialization of the object protected by said invention, with sufficient guarantees, in those countries in which can be found the product consumer.

On this regard, note particularly the tortuous path pharmaceuticals products must go before reaching the goal of being placed on the market. This route starts from the first stage of development of a new active substance, the starting point for the filing of an application for a new patent, even before to determine under which pharmaceutical form may be sold or which will be its commercial impact.