Is my invention patentable?

Often, a large number of clients and contacts asks us our opinion about the proper protection of their inventions. In this scenario, the inventors also want to know under which conditions and what kind of information should be provided in order to receive our professional point of view.

In the following lines, we intend to provide general information to give guidance to those who are in this situation. Note that this preliminary assessment is completely free, as a sign of gratitude for the confidence in Protectia.

Is my invention patentable? Confidentiality.

UA point of particular concern for the inventor is the confidentiality of his invention. In this regard, it has to be noted that any information provided to Protectia, as Official Industrial Property Agency, remains under seal as established in the regulation of the association of IP Agents, the Royal Decree 397/2006 which regulates the Spanish Patent and Ttrademark Office, under Patent Law 11/1986.

Even so, we do not have any inconvenience to sign a confidentiality agreement if this means more relief for the interested party.