Japanese manga on counterfeit products

The health and safety risk of purchasing counterfeit products highlighted into an original Japanese manga. This was the aim of the Real Manga competition organized by the Japan Office of the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) during the summer 2010, won by a brilliant video game designer: Ms. Emiko Iwasaki.

manga_final_coverHer work, named “Honmono”, is an appealing and easy way to help people better understand Intellectual Property and create public awareness about why it is so important to respect and protect IP rights.

“It is often the case that what you read in a textbook slips away from your mind, no matter how many times you read it. But information that is presented as a manga stays with you even if you have only read it very quickly. I am a firm believer that manga is one of the best tools for teaching people about the risks of counterfeit goods.” said Mr. Ken-Ichiro Natsume, Director of the JPO’s Multilateral Policy Office. (more…)

Cartoon about patents and Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights are almost everywhere to support the industry and innovation: trademarks, geographical indications and, of course, patents of invention.
In order to make the matter of patents lighter and enjoyable also by a younger public, this week we suggest an educational video cartoon about the importance of patents. The animation is a joint production of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and Indecopi (National Institute for the defense of competition and protection of Intellectual Property).

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