Transportation technology: Google driverless car

One of the sectors who are experiencing great development is the automotive sector. Transportation technology, in fact, is going fast and towards always more innovative solutions applyed to passenger vehicles and mobility in general.

One of these transportation technologies is part of the so called “next-generation transportation” which aims to be integrated safely into our system: driverless cars.

In order to discover a little bit more about this innovation, we would like to introduce the following video part of the series “Science of innovation”, produced in partnership with the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

This is certainly one of the most exciting innovations in transportation technology.

Consideration of the potential danger which represents the simple action of driving a car, inspired Sebastian Thrun (Google VP and Fellow, founder of Google X and director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab) to build a different and safer type of car by using artificial intelligence.

Google’s driverless car gather information from multiple sources and devices (such as two video cameras, a radar, GPS, etc.) connected to a general computer that process all the information and controls the vehicle. (more…)