Fashion meets innovation: the Geox patents case

Geox is a young company, founded in 1995 from a great intuition (“the sole that breathe”) of Italian entrepreneur Mario Moretti Polegato, which in a few years has become one of the most dynamics cases of “made in Italy” on the international markets.
The company make shoes and clothes, but it consider itself a “high-tech” corporation, like Moretti often says; investing the 3% of the turnover in research, innovation and protection of ideas, Geox actually makes technology the source of its differentiation advantage.

The research consists of verifying the performance of the materials used and to maximize the comfort of shoes and clothing, mainly by optimizing the breathability and waterproof effect.
The outcome of this activity is monitored by a policy of protection of industrial property.

But what this invention of “breathing shoes” is all about? Basically, the revolutionary patent of invention consists in applying to the leather sole a membrane with over a billion holes per square centimetres, which facilitate the passage of the air, but not humidity.
And it is right here we can find the genetic heritage of the company: the importance of starting from intuition and find the way to make it concrete.
On the basis of this strength Geox, named combining “Geo”, the “earth” in Greek, and “x”, technology, achieved the patent in almost a hundred countries.
In fact, although Geox is a fully Italian idea it has strong international vocation: due to its innovative and revolutionary ADN, it is present in over 60 countries in the world with a network of more than 230 one brand shops called “Geo Shop” on the main shopping streets.
The Group has grown very fast, and the constant investments on research bring it to discover new technologies and products: deeply studying the transpiration of human body, Geox patents a new idea for the well-being on clothing.

This marks a new era for Geox: “the total look that breathe”. After a test phase, Geox enter into the market with a patented clothing brand.
We must say: when it comes to Geox, everything it is not just about innovation and great quality products, but also and significantly about style, the realization of collections which perfectly combines technology improvement and fashion trends.
Geox means innovative products at the service of well-being, but also at the service of a natural beauty and contemporary life-style.