Filing requirements: Spanish trademarks

Prior to any investment in Spanish trademarks registration is highly recommended an initial viability study.

Spanish trademarks processing:

Filing requirements Spanish trademarks

Spanish trademarks registration can be performed for names, graphics, packaging, labels and logos. Specifically can be registered:

  • Words or combinations of words, including those used to identify individuals.
  • Images, figures, symbols and graphics.
  • Letters, numbers and combinations thereof.
  • Three-dimensional forms including wrappers, packaging and the shape of a product or its presentation.
  • Sounds.
  • Any combination of the signs or means which, with distinctive character, are mentioned in the previous sections.

Once is proved the viability, spanish trademark could be registered. We show below the requirements for processing.

Filing requirements: Spanish trademarks

  • Name and address of the applicant and country of incorporation.
  • Trademark identification. (more…)