Extension of European Patents to Hong Kong

Patent registration in Honk Kong can be done from a European Patent application. From a commercial point of view this is an interesting option so we are going to briefly describe the procedure for the patent registration in Honk Kong based on a patent application filed with the European Patent Office.

Extensión patente honk-kong

Extension of european patents to hong kong: administrative procedure.

This registration procedure can differentiate two stages:

1. Application stage. The application may be filed within 6 months from the date of publication of:

  • A European Patent application.
  • An international application (PCT) designating the European Patent Office.

An international search conducted after these applications shall be transferred to Hong Kong office and will serve as a basis for processing the registration in this territory.

2. Granting stage. This second step consists in the registration and formalization within 6 months of the granting of the corresponding European Patent, which gives rise to a patent granting in Honk Kong.