European Patent Validation in Spain

The European Patents validation take place after the granting of a patent filed in the European Patent Office (EPO).
Spain, as a member of the European Patent Convention, allows the holder of a patent granted by the EPO to move this concession to the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO) within a maximum period of 3 months from the declaration of granting.

For this validation being able to be carried out, the specification of the patent should be fully translated into Spanish before being deposited into the SPTO. On the other hand, if the European patent applicant is not residing in Spain he will need the representation of a Spanish Patent and Trademark attorney for which he shall sign a simple authorization of representation. In this authorization the involvement of a notary or equivalent is not required. (more…)

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European Patents validation

The convention of 5 October 1973 about European Patents concession states that, after the granting of a patent filed at the EPO (European Patent Office), it must be validated in each one of the member States of interest to the holder within 3 months since the publication of the Mention of Grant.

Consequently, the process of a European Patent aims to transfer its granting to the corresponding national offices, where they will be considered as a patent filed and granted in that office.

a granted european patent can be validated in the following countries:


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