Innovation seen by EPO’s director of communications

What would you say is the force that drives the entire world, and makes the idea of a better future more and more achievable? It is indeed innovation, the motor of the world, the application of better solutions for satisfying human needs. We would also describe this incredible force simply as the way of doing something new, different that will make a certain positive difference.

Today for our “Patents world” section, we have decided to give voice to an important personality inside the European Patent Office: Oswald Schröder, spokesman of the EPO, who in the following video developed by the same Office, talks about innovation and its relevance for society development.

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Record of European Patent applications in 2013

Last Wednesday, the European Patent Office (EPO) has published annual statistical results, concerning the year 2013, on the status of European patent applications.

European patent applicationThe results are encouraging for the future of the “old continent”: in fact, patent applications filed before the EPO grew 2, 8% over the previous year.