Popular Science Inventions of the year 2014

As we are approaching the end of this year, we thought that might be interesting going on a curious “travel” among some of the 2014 best inventions.

That is why we choose for our “Patents world section” the following video, presenting a few of Popular Science’s picks for best inventions of 2014 for its annual “Invention Award”: the editors of popular magazine choose the most innovative new gadgets and ideas.

Collapsible helmet, charges gadgets and much more…:

As we lately focused our attention on transportation technology and bike-related new gadgets, one of the most interesting inventions shown in the video we would like to talk about is the portable bike helmet, Morpher. (more…)

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Smart Bicycles: a technology revolution

In most of European cities, bicycle has come to be one of the main ways to get around.

The transport efficiency and the resulting quality of life are issues of great importance in our lives.

For this reason, a lot of cities around the world are experimenting a true technology revolution in transportation, implementing highly innovative solutions based on cutting edge technologies. One of them: the smart bicycles.

For our “patent world” section, we are going today to present an example of this great development, able to transform a simple and basic bike into a smart bicycle: “The Copenhagen Wheel”.


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