Our legal team has extensive courtroom experience. Protectia offers to his clients the services of highly specialized attorneys in proceedings before courts, either as plaintiffs or assisting in the defense of the defendant, in the areas of law of industrial property, intellectual property, competition law, misleading advertising, civil and commercial.

The suit is the act which starts the trials proceedings for the infringement of a prior right, before the competent judicial authority.

In Protectia we are aware of the importance of the designing of the best strategy for the interests of our clients, that is why, from our point of view, we are not a traditional agency: when the case requires, we seek imaginative alternatives which might be unconventional but profitable. 

This condition together with our experience allows us to provide comprehensive advice on judicial means: agile, flexible and a high success rate in all instances.

Complaints are held to the details and security forces for criminal acts, whether by counterfeiting or imitation of trademarks, patented products or copyrights. For them intervenes and drives ex officio the Prosecutor.

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Protectia’s attorneys will help you with the complaint’s procedure and take over your representation as a particular prosecutor in this kind of felonies.

Our legal department provides the following services:

  • Drafting of legal reports
  • Priorities investigation
  • Comparative Technical Reports
  • Infringement’s reports
  • Preparation and filing of claims
  • Response to received claims
  • Counterclaims
  • Complaints
  • Operative for police interventioni


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