We specialize in managing and aiding creators in defending their Intellectual Property rights. Copyrights confer its holder exclusivity to exploit and disseminate his work.

Talent is valued in Protectia and we have the means for protecting it. With the appearance of new technologies copyright has become a constantly changing legal discipline. Legal initiatives are developed continuously both at the national level (legislative and rule changes regarding private copy or the measures to fight internet piracy) and international level (the WIPO treaties) and in Europe (the various versions of Community Directives).

This constant evolution means that our professional staff must have an in depth knowledge of the national and community legislation and case law and be fully updated on political, economical and social information regarding the protection of this class of interests.

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List of services:

  • Comprehensive consulting service for copyright and related rights: moral rights and the exploitation rights of all types of artists, writers, designers, producers, editors, content creators in general and all class of technological companies.
  • Advisory service on adaptation of document and/or corporate processes to regional and international legal frameworks.
  • Protection of creations and consulting services on the use of third party creations.
  • Procedures in legal and administrative proceedings: legal consulting service and technical guidance in criminal or civil procedures due to rights infringement and/or piracy; customs and registration procedures specially those relating to new technologies.
  • Contract drafting and negotiation:
  • Transfer of exploitation rights and of literary and musical work
  • Collaboratives works
  • Intellectual Property clauses in employment contract and/or service leasing
  • Software license of use

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